What's more British than
Great British Tea

Great British Tea Company England has a reputation of many dimensions. It stretches around the world through different dimensions, through different Cultures and different Countries that bring people together. The reputation of Great British Tea Company England gives us the ability to continue to make a remarkable connection in bringing people together in their lives sharing their dreams, success and lives through a wonderful Cup of Tea.

  • Laurie St. Germain
    love all the flavors!! especially partial to the breakfast, afternoon, and lemon. Peach was great, too. Earl Grey least fav but not an earl gray fan
    Laurie St. Germain
  • Rabbi Jay
    I am very pleased with this variety pack of outstanding tea. I like the variety, and my favorite is the earl gray. Bang of English ancestry, it was important to me that I have actual tea from Britain, and this fits the bill quite nicely. Very good job
    Rabbi Jay
  • KgH
    Love the variety you receive in this pack. It is an excellent way to add flavor options quickly and it allows you to sample the various teas to figure out which ones you love and which ones not so much.
  • S. Brock
    Got this for my mom on Mothers day and she has really enjoyed them.
    S. Brock
  • Marianne
    Excellent collection of Tea !!! Thank you very much!
  • Doc
    This is fabulous tea. I had some a few months ago and was thrilled to find it Amazon. So far I have only tried the English Breakfast and love it. It has a complex flavor and full aroma. Much better than P&G, Twinnings, and pretty much anything else I have tried. The Lemon and Peach smell amazing...through the box. They are both black teas. Cannot wait to try them.
  • Paula
    My mom is pretty serious about her morning tea. And her afternoon tea. And her evening tea. And her "I can't sleep" 2am tea. So she was delighted with this collection - she loved the variety and she said she felt like she was treating herself every time she had a cup.
  • Melanie Carr
    I'm not usually a tea snob. I had this by accident at work (someone else brought it in, and I used it thinking it was regular tea of a brand I hadn't seen before). It was so good I finished the box, and he was upset about it because he had special ordered it. Thank you for posting it on amazon because I ordered him a box and myself and we both LOVE these! Re-ordering soon.
  • Aziz Bootwala
    This tea was shipped real fast, and I wanted to taste all the flavours and the first two flavours Lemon and Peach that I tried just floored me with its freshness and great aroma, they were individually packed in Mylar paper and sealed, with the convenienent box that can be kept on the counter top for convenience. I would give this as a gift to all my family knowing they would greatly appreciate it I would recommend this product to anyone who love High quality great flavoured tea.
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