Here’s how to make a perfect cup of tea; the British way!

Facts About Tea That Everyone Should Know
August 26, 2021

East or west there is no magic involved when making a cup of tea…And that’s what most of us think when making our bellowed English breakfast tea.  This perception is not correct, and it is really important we brew our treasured cup of tea the right way, and; yes there is a “RIGHT” way! Tea is the most consumed beverage around the world after water, and did you know that tea lovers in the UK alone sip nearly 100,000,000 cups of tea each day of the year? This popularity is not just a spontaneous trend, but a habit transferred from one generation to another as a part of British tea culture & due to its ability to soothe us in many ways while imparting loads of health benefits upon our body.

1: Pick the right tea:

A cup of great tea always begins with great tea leaves. Wondering where to find great tea? Look no more, as we; Great British Tea Company have got it covered. Being authentic tea makers, our tea masters have soured some of the finest teas from all over the world to cater to your craving for the best British tea

  • So when it comes to choosing your tea, look for something freshly packed and properly sealed. We strongly believe that the fine flavor profile of any gourmet tea can be best experienced when the tea is fresh, and this philosophy makes our teas stand out from the masses.

2: Start with the water:

  • Water Quality: As much as tea is important for a great cup of tea; the quality of the water matters. Hard water or excessively chlorinated water is not ideal for making your British teacup, as these waters could mask the true flavors of your treasured tea.  So, to overcome such matters, you could use either filtered water or even mineral water to brew your tea.
  • Water temperature : Water temperature comes as the next most important factor. Each different tea type, either black, green, or oolong has its own water temperature or brewing temperature, which helps with its optimum flavor extraction. So be sure to follow these parameters recommended by your tea maker.

At Great British Tea Company, we recommend our black tea to be brewed with boiling water (95°C -100°C) as it will impart a rich aroma and flavor into this best British breakfast tea.

3: Now it’s time to brew:

At Great British Tea Company, we prefer to brew our tea in authentic ceramic teapots, as it helps to keep our tea warm for a fairly long period 

  • Don’t forget to rinse your ceramic teapot with some hot water before brewing.
  • When the pot is ready, let’s add our English breakfast black tea bags into the teapot.
  • Remember! one tea bag per person, and one more for the teapot.
  • Pour the boiling water into the teapot and let it brew for 3-5 minutes with a closed lid.

4: Almost done:

Once you have completed the brewing, time to get it ready for drinking.

  • Pour the brewed tea into clean teacups and make it ready for serving.
  • You could enjoy tea on its own if you prefer your tea rich and strong.
  • Some prefer their tea with sugar, and the amount always depends on your personal preference.
  •  The specialty of classic English breakfast tea always comes with a dash of milk, as it balances the richness of the black tea while adding a smooth and creamy texture to your cuppa.
  • At Great British Tea Company, we recommend keeping an approximately 3:1 ratio between tea and milk, or in simple terms, 3 tablespoons of milk per average cup of tea. But this again depends on the personal preference of the tea drinker.

If you plan to welcome some guests with some authentic British tea, but are not sure of the preferences of the guests; we suggest serving each element separately, using a tea set, and that’s how we Brits do it.

Well, that’s about it, and we hope you learned a thing or two from this simple elaboration. Stay tuned with the Great British Tea Company for more tea tips like this.

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